For A Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Mom Style


      Hi there! Today is the Mom edition of Bailey + I's fall capsule wardrobes. My capsule wardrobe is made of less utilitarian items than Bailey's, mostly because I'm old enough to want specific things and have a specific style. Also, I don't destroy my clothes, therefore I can have one long sleeved T, opposed to Bailey's three, and get by just fine. Some of my items are just for visual interest, whereas Bailey's serve multiple purposes other than visual interest alone. Once again, I'll list all items in my wardrobe (other than the obvious PJ's and undergarments) that make up my Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe. I've only photographed the four main items, just as with Bailey's post. It just feels unnecessary to share photos of my basic t-shirts and jeans! You all know what those look like without the visual. Let's get started! 

     I've been pretty vocal about my love for my new shoes, and it should come as no surprise that they are one of my favorite items for all seasons. They weirdly go with everything, and have served me well thus far! Thanks again Mom + Dad! My bomber jacket is another obvious pick, its satiny finish giving basic outfits a fun kick, as demonstrated in my latest #momstyle post.

     I also love a good mustard color in the fall, although I didn't used to. I had always kind of shied away from yellow, since I'm blonde, but given the right shade, the whole look isn't too monochrome. Although, I still can't do beige, because that's just too much beige altogether! Another fall pick is a denim skirt I recently thrifted. The denim skirt trend is still going strong, and I love the throwback to my childhood days. Given an appropriate hem length, they can be classy and not like the frayed Hollister ones of our junior high days. I still cringe thinking of those microscopic skirts, and I'm sure parents everywhere do as well. Now, onto the list!

Mom Style Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe:


- 1 classic black

- 2 colorful dresses (mine are navy and rust colored, respectively)

- 1 white flowy dress

- 1 shirt-dress


- 3 fun tops (i.e. brightly colored, patterned, or interesting cut)

- 2 basic short-sleeve T's

- 1 or 2 basic long-sleeve T's

- 2 button-ups (1 white + 1 chambray)

- 3 sweater (2 pullovers + 1 cardigan)


- 2 jackets (1 bomber + 1 leather)

- 1 coat (mine is a blush suede trench coat)


- 2 pairs of jeans (1 skinny + 1 crop-flare)

- 1 pair of black culottes

- 1 pair of overalls (mine are white, but a classic denim or black work too!)

- 2 skirts (1 denim + 1 midi)


- 3 bags (1 black tote + 1 shoulder bag + 1 casual tote)

- 1 pair of shades

- a few pieces of jewelry

- 2 scarves (1 bandana + 1 warm)


- 2 pairs of heels (1 low-heel pump + 1 mule)

- 2 pairs of black ankle boots (1 flat + 1 heeled)

- 2 pairs of flats (1 lace-up + 1 slide)

- 2 pairs of sneakers (1 white + 1 running)

- 1 pair of snow boots

For a Fall Capsule Wardrobe (Bailey Edition!)


     Hi there! Now that fall is upon us, I wanted to share what Bailey and I are going to be rocking this season. I haven't ever made Bailey a capsule wardrobe until now, and I think it's one of my best ideas yet. Just as they do for adults, capsule wardrobes also eliminate wastefulness and far too many choices for toddlers. Not that Bailey's making that many sartorial decisions (yet), I only realized that I don't dress her in about 1/3 of the clothes she has. I'm the primary baby dresser, so it's my fault that we were overstocked in her closet, but I'm just as selective for her outfits as I am for my own. I'm not trying to mold her style before she knows what that style is herself, I just don't want to impart bad shopping habits and wastefulness with clothes she doesn't need. I don't think it's ever to early to start teaching those lessons. Toddlers especially have no reason for excess clothing. Yes, they get messy and have accidents, but I have a washing machine. It's worth it to me to do the extra laundry and not have an overflowing closet of choices that aren't necessary. Now, rant over, and onto what Bailey's Fall/Winter wardrobe looks like!

     I decided to only photograph the four main pieces of her closet, but I will list everything that makes up a Toddler Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe below! Featured here though, are her essential warm boots, a neutral utilitarian jacket, an adorable folk-style sweater, and the coolest pair of "suede" yellow leggings.

      All of these items, along with most clothes shopping we do for Bailey any time of the year, are second-hand from a local children's consignment store. I've never seen the point in buying all brand new clothes for a child when they grow out of them in a year or so. A few new things here and there are totally fine, but since children grow out of their clothes so fast, a lot of them have very little damage and are perfectly fine to pass along to other kids. Not buying and selling from children's consignment stores just feels like even more waste. Put those mint condition baby clothes to good use! Anywho, I wanted to stick to a mostly neutral color palette with pops of warm fall colors like olive, red, mustard, + plum. Having a color story for your clothes makes it way easier to mix and match, which is a big to-do for kids outfits. They can pull off pretty much anything, so that makes it more fun to dress them too. Bailey's fall wardrobe is made up of a lot of basics, with a few seasonal essentials, and a couple of fun things just because. Check out the full list below!

Toddler Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe:


- 3 Pairs of Jeans

- 4 Pairs of Leggings

- 2 Pairs of Pants (i.e. joggers or trousers)

- 2 Skirts



- 4 Long-Sleeve T's

- 3 Short-Sleeve T's

- 3 Blouses

- 2 Tank Tops for Layering

- 4 Sweaters (2 pullovers + 2 cardigans)


- 1 Casual Jacket

- 2 Hoodies

- 1 Winter Coat


- 2 Casual

- 1 Dressy


- 4 Pairs of Socks

- 1 Pair of Tights

- Hat/Scarf/Gloves

- 1 Backpack


- 2 Pairs of Boots (one casual + one cold-weather)

- 1 Pair of Sneakers

- 1 Pair of Dressy Shoes

To Look Ahead, Pt. 2

     Good morning! A big part of preparation for a new season entails analyzing and planning. Luckily for me, I have a large amount of time to do just that in my day. I also prefer to spend a lot of my time thinking about clothes, so putting together my fall wardrobe has been on my mind frequently, thanks to the extreme heat. It's turned me against summer, and I may or may not be in denial that we still have a month + of probably too-warm weather. Fingers crossed that the beloved fall breeze shows up in early September! Now, on to the aforementioned prep. I decided to tackle the plethora of sartorial fall possibilities with two shrewd lists. One, the Fall Staples that I want to utilize from my wardrobe, and the second, the Fall Standouts that I want to showcase this autumn, with two items pending on that one. See the lists and my selections below!

        The Staples list required more thought, as I had to consider what I really wear on a day-to-day basis. These are what I subconsciously gravitate more towards, where as the Standouts list is what obviously jumps out to me as special pieces of clothing.  All of the items below translate into outfits together, but also work well with the Standouts to create plenty of options outside of my go-to outfits.

My vintage crop-flare jeans.

My vintage crop-flare jeans.

My pretty brown leather saddle bag from  Forever 21 .

My pretty brown leather saddle bag from Forever 21.

A classic black turtleneck.

A classic black turtleneck.

Ankle boots from  H&M  that I plan to wear any chance I get.

Ankle boots from H&M that I plan to wear any chance I get.

A vintage sweater snatched from my Dad's closet.

A vintage sweater snatched from my Dad's closet.

My perfect leather jacket, for a little edge.

My perfect leather jacket, for a little edge.

     I would compare the Standouts to the "In Crowd". They're the ones who are popular and trendy, but also as equally beloved as the Staples. They couldn't exist in outfits without the basic pieces to work with them. Full disclosure, this list is two items away from being complete within my closet. The low-heeled pumps from Asos are going to be a birthday present from my parents at the end of August, which I am way too excited about. I'm not sure how one can get so much joy from shoes, but I can't help it! They still make me feel like a child on Christmas when I get a new pair. The second item is a bomber jacket. These have very recently come back into style from the 80's. For those of you who were blessed with the crazy animal that was 80's fashion, I'm sure you'll remember the popular Member's Only nylon jackets, which are now coincidentally sold at Urban Outfitter's. I plan to not spend a pretty penny on this jacket though, since trends can be very fleeting. My choice will be this guy from Forever 21, in my favorite outerwear shade of olive hopefully. Typically I would go with a pink option, but since my new shoes will be pink, I don't want to limit outfit options with a pink jacket as well.

A red wool checked coat that just screams Fall.

A red wool checked coat that just screams Fall.

My newly beloved ribbed knit navy midi dress from  Forever 21 .

My newly beloved ribbed knit navy midi dress from Forever 21.

My kitschy eye earrings from  H&M . to add a little interest.

My kitschy eye earrings from H&M. to add a little interest.

My favorite mustard top from  American Apparel .

My favorite mustard top from American Apparel.

      Thanks for reading my rambles about fall fashion! Have a great day!

To Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe


     Hey there! In lieu of our Denver trip, I decided the easiest way to pack is to just create another capsule wardrobe! A lot of people do this specifically for traveling, because it makes packing light easy, and you don't have to worry about your outfits. You basically pack a few things that all work together for multiple scenarios, and then add in a few accessories and pairs of shoes that go with each outfit. My suitcase will contain what you see above, and your basics like underwear and PJ's. Check out my packing list below!


- 3 tops (one dressy, one t, and one sweater)

- 2 pairs of jeans (one high rise skinny, and one crop flare)

- 1 dress (a grey t-shirt style, comfy but cute)

- 1 moto jacket (literally goes with anything)

- 3 pairs of shoes (low-heel pumps, sneakers, and cute flats)

- 1 shoulder/cross body bag (side note: I'm bringing a large tote for the road trip as well)

- 1 pair of sunglasses (duh)

- 1 bracelet (not pictured: the copper necklace I'm bringing that my BFF stole!)

      I'm also bringing this red lip creme (shade is Cherry Skies) to bring some color and boldness into the mix, since all of my clothes are neutral in this instance. I am getting so excited for this trip, I can hardly wait! Have a great day!


To Think about Your Spring Wardrobe

My thrifted J. Crew low-heel pumps. I'm still not over them!

My thrifted J. Crew low-heel pumps. I'm still not over them!

     Spring is getting so close! All I can think about is light pastel colors, plants, and our Denver trip. I have a lot of time on my hands during the day, and I can't not do anything. I'm constantly planning, brainstorming, and making lists, basically just for fun. One of the subjects I've been thinking about a lot is my Spring Capsule Wardrobe. I talked about my current Capsule Wardrobe last fall, and since I purchased my 5 Fall/Winter items, I started planning my Spring items. My mind moves on pretty quickly to the next phase of most aspects of my life. For example, once we get back from Denver, I will probably start planning wherever we are going next. That's just how it goes, for me. Back to the point though, I have had my 5 Spring Items picked out for more than a month. I kept changing my mind on what trends or new essentials I wanted to incorporate once the weather warms up. After perusing a few trend articles on Who What Wear, I decided on what I would stick with. Since making the list, I have already purchased three of the items on the list. I wanted to get those off the list before going to Colorado, so that I can a) wear them in CO and b) purchase the last couple of items there. I like to go shopping with items in mind. It leads to better results, in terms of actually wearing the purchase and buying more quality items. Check out the list (with examples) below!

My 5 Spring Picks:

1. A pair of Crop-Flare Jeans! Update: I recently purchased a vintage pair of these from Etsy, coming soon to a Mom Style post near you!

2. Layering t-shirts/turtlenecks under dresses. (This is more of a styling trend than an actual item.)

3. Low-heel pumps. I already found some! (see above)

4. A box-shaped bag. I have purchased one of these as well, but haven't photographed it yet!

5. A Victorian-inspired blouse!

     I will do an updated post in April, including all of the items on this list, and a total Spring Capsule Checklist!

To Pare Down Your Wardrobe


     Hey guys! Recently, I have been seeing articles on creating a capsule wardrobe everywhere. There are a couple of popular variations, and they are quite similar. Up first is the "5 Piece French Wardrobe" wherein you start with a certain set of basics and every season, shop for 5 items to add to your repertoire. They can be trendy or just something that catches your eye. The second variation is essentially the same idea, you just start with a set amount of pieces instead of certain items. Also, when you go shopping for the next season, you can shop for as many items as you want, but keep it in the same range of pieces you started out with. The second idea is the one I decided to go with. Both are mostly a practice in thoughtfulness and making life a little easier. However, I chose to go with the second one because I didn't like the idea of having a set list of basics to start with. My basics are not always what the next persons are, so I felt like there was more freedom with Un-Fancy's system.

     For this, I pared my clothes down to the suggested amount of 37 pieces, and while it was hard, I learned what I like most and how to appreciate it. I mostly got rid of tops, lots of tops. I'm pretty positive I only wear 6 or 7 on rotation. It was rough until I realized "Hey, I get to go shopping! Yayyyy!" First, I had to narrow down how many pieces I wanted to purchase, and what said pieces were. This is where I turned to Pinterest and Instagram to see what was up for fall. I decided on sticking with the 5 items, just seems like a good number. Listed below, they are:







1. A wool fedora of some sort. I'd been intrigued by them for a while, so I took the plunge and haven't looked back!

2. Lace up flats. My new go-to's that go with literally anything.

3. Something rust colored, one of my favorite colors at the moment.





4. High Rise Jeans. A classic that happens to be on trend.

5. A turtleneck! I can't believe I bought a turtleneck, but I love it.

There you have it! I'm loving this system so far, and I'll let you know what I'm going to be looking for in the spring, once it's time for the earth to thaw. For now, let me know if you've tried the capsule wardrobe and what you chose to shop for this season! Happy shopping!