Mommy/Daughter Warm Weather Essentials


     Hello there! It was a beautiful weekend, with the weather being in the 70's every day. I figured I should probably share Bailey and I's essentials for said weather! For both Bailey and I, the number one item is sunscreen. We both are very fair, and burn after about 15 minutes in full on sunshine. We also both have sensitive skin, so we share sunscreen, since baby sunscreen is usually so mild. Bailey's other must have's are a good sun hat for even more sun protection, flip-flops that actually stay on, a cute swimsuit for the lake and pool, and her new little pineapple from Target. The pineapple probably isn't an essential, but you've gotta have something summery to play with!

     My essentials aren't that far off from Bailey's. Along with the sunscreen, I have to have a lightweight blouse, because wearing anything other than cotton or linen in the humid heat of Missouri is suffocating. Also, my eye doctor said that people with light blue eyes really shouldn't go outside without sunglasses, due to major light sensitivity, so I always have my shades on hand. Typically, I like to have some sort of espadrilles in the summer, and I found these at Salvation Army for like $2, which is perfect, because these are a very seasonal style of shoe, so I don't like to spend much money on them. Lastly, I've been trying to drink more water, and this water bottle has been going with me everywhere. It doesn't hurt that it's nice to look at too. Have a great Monday!