To Explore / Downtown St. Louis


     Hi there! I'm fresh off a girl's weekend in St. Louis to celebrate my best friend Cat's birthday, and I have to share about our trip! One of the perks of living in Columbia is that we're about half way between STL and Kansas City. It makes getaways for the weekend really doable, and for an explorer like me, there are endless opportunities to take your time and get a feel for a place! Both KC and St. Louis are historical cities, with STL being the well-known "Gateway to the West" (the Arch, while not really worth actually going to the top of in my opinion, is pretty amazing to spot intermittently while driving around - it really is majestic!), and KC having some of the best BBQ around, for the last 100 years at least (which I found out when I moved here is because they had some of the biggest stockyards in the country - I had always wondered why KC BBQ was popular considering they aren't in the South, where BBQ reigns).

      The cities' histories shows potently through their architecture, where driving around you can see the eras each city has gone through reflected in their buildings. This is one of the things I loved about this particular trip! Before, I had the notion that KC was the "cooler" of the two cities. However, after driving through different neighborhoods to get from one destination brunch spot in the Central West End to the cutest little cafe in the Shaw area - I decided St. Louis' cool-factor was worth it's salt. Our first stop? The aforementioned brunch spot: Cafe Osage! Pictured above, the cafe is located in Bowood Farms greenhouse and shop building. Ya, it was basically a dream come true for a person who loves food and shopping equally. 


      This is the dining room, and every little detail was as cute as can be! As far as the food goes, that was pretty perfect too. I had their omelette, which was loaded with herbs and was oozing (for lack of a better word) with whipped goat cheese. Accompanying my delicious meal was their Rose Colored Glasses cocktail - a gin and grapefruit concoction that hit the spot!  


      After we finished eating, we perused their adorable shop and greenhouse. While I would've bought pretty much anything in there, I opted for a little crown for Bailey (her birthday is in 2 days!) and a beautiful set of well-made Japanese notebooks for me (which I actually needed - I try and stay practical in overwhelming shopping situations!). 

     This was their children's section - when shopping for Bailey, I've had to keep in mind the longevity of her enjoyment out of items. She loves books of course, but she already has so many I didn't feel like she'd think it was a very special gift (and this also goes for stuffed animals). Craft supplies I can get from anywhere, so again not super special. I landed on a little felt crown that you can clip to the top of her head! She loves playing princess with dress-up crowns, but they always fall off her head - so this seemed like a good upgrade!


     After our brunch and shopping expedition, we drove through the St. Louis University neighborhoods to the Shaw area to visit the Fiddlehead Fern Cafe! I had read about it in Feast Magazine, and after seeing they serve a lavender rose latte, I knew I had to stop in. They're the first cafe in the city to use a Modbar (aka a modular system bar, where all of the machines are stored underneath the bar, similar to a tap for beer).


        The latte was everything I expected, except better because it wasn't overwhelmingly floral like some drinks can be when using flowers or herbs as a flavoring. Everything about this neighborhood was fun - from the intentional murals and unintentional graffiti to pretty much every building being built with brick. After the cafe, we ventured to the Galleria for their Urban Outfitters. Normally, I would say to steer clear of a mall, but the UO there is so well stocked and actually has their home goods line - so I highly recommend it! That evening we went to Edgewild for dinner, and it's a must-stop dinner spot, so add it to your list as well! 

     Thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week with more recipes! Have a fun Wednesday!

To Recap / The Weekend


     Good morning! This weekend was fairly uneventful, as we are saving all of the fun things for the next couple of weekends. This Saturday, Brett will graduate from Mizzou, and we will head to the lake for a week of relaxing and vacationing. But before we go, we got our plants and garden in order over the weekend. Above is the little herb garden Brett brought home for me from one of his greenhouse classes. I can't wait to dry the thyme, infuse the basil, and chop the cilantro up for pico!

     Then, I got some reading done. I'm almost finished with The Enchantress of Florence, just in time for a long list of summer books. I'm sharing my summer reading list in June, so be on the lookout!

      And also for June, I'm sharing how to make this after-sun balm. It's filled with lavender and aloe vera gel straight from my plant I have at home! Literally, each green "leaf" of the plant contains a column of clear gel that you just scrape out. Mind=blown. If you spend any time out in the sun this summer, save your skin with this balm!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday! 

For an Adventure / Sister Weekend


     Good morning! Just wanted to share some of the photos from a couple of weekends ago when my little sister came up to visit! She hadn't been to Columbia for a few years, so I took her around the downtown area and to a town-favorite french restaurant, Upper Crust. First we did some shopping downtown though, and picked up some cute stuff! That chocolate is definitely already gone, and the mug has been a staple in my collection. We found most of these items at Route!

      This was at the restaurant. We were all surprised by how large Bailey is now, compared to the last time she got to sit on Becca's lap (btw, Bailey turns 3 tomorrow!).

     We had a delicious brunch at the aforementioned Upper Crust, and yes, that Bloody Mary was too good!

     Thanks for reading! For family that is reading, can't wait to see you all this weekend for Bailey's birthday! For everyone else, have a great Wednesday!!

For a Weekend Recap


     Hi there! This weekend was a fun one, comprised of projects and friends. First though, there was, as always, lots of reading. Look out for January's book of the month this week!

     Then, there was baking. I made bread, and it was one of my better decisions this weekend. After the bread, there was New Years. I don't particularly put a lot of stock in resolutions, but I never can resist a goal list opportunity! I just don't rely on a new year to make those goals. Anyways, New Years was fun and we ate way too much Mexican food, and stayed up way too late!

     Lastly, we had a peaceful Sunday of rest. I did try something new on the first day of the year though, and that was making Beeswax candles, which you guessed it, are coming to the blog soon! I can't wait to share all of the fun projects I've been working on for this season Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Over the Weekend


     Hi there! Just wanted to share a few snaps from our holiday weekend, today. We ventured south to Arkansas on Friday to see my parents, and it was just the nicest treat to get to go home, even if only for an evening.

      This is one of the gifts my parents got me! It's basically my dream bag, from Forever 21. Thanks mom and dad!!

      Bailey always loves going to my parents house, as my parents are pretty fun to be with, and the splendors of my childhood play room don't hurt either!

      After getting back to Columbia just in time for Christmas Eve, we visited the "Magic Tree". A local Columbia resident decorates this tree every year with thousands of lights, and it's one of the biggest holiday attractions in town. Bailey was mesmerized and didn't want to leave!

       For the main event of Christmas Morning, we decided to stay at home, just us three. Bailey started to understand, just a little bit, that this weekend was special and that some guy named Santa exists. We figured now is as good a time as any to take on that role, and set up a tower with her new blocks, placed a Spongebob nonchalantly under the tree (he looked very relaxed there), and brought out the easel my parents gifted her so that Santa could leave her a Merry Christmas message.

     All in all, it was a busy, but significant weekend, and it couldn't have been more special. Thanks for reading, and have a great Monday!

For Mornings at Home


     Good morning! This is what my day has looked like so far, just hanging out and reading with my sweetie while I drink some coffee. She's gotten very into taking pictures, and asks to do it constantly, and may be turning into a little ham. I'm not sure if I was the same when I was her age, but it's definitely a possibility! The only plans we have for today are to finish a book (me) and to eat as much chicken nuggets / Greek yogurt / avocado as possible (Bailey). Have a great Saturday everyone, and thanks for reading! 

For Mornings at Home


      Good morning! While we are at home at the moment, we are about to head to the lake house for one last weekend of solitude before it's too cold to really enjoy it. It's the off season now, so you can sit on the porch there for hours without seeing a single boat or jet ski speed by. It's very peaceful, which is exactly what we need at the moment. I hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully will find some peace as well! 

For a Weekend


     Good morning! This weekend was a fun one, and a strangely relieving one. Day light savings time ending on Sunday actually made my day better, rather than worse. We were well rested, and it seemed like I had an endless day to get things ready for the week ahead. Before that though, we had a great Friday and a rough Saturday. On Friday, Kristen and I ventured down town for some photo shoots and to get some exploring done! We tried a newish coffee shop in Columbia called Shortwave Coffee, and their wood wall (pictured above) was one of the coolest installations I've ever seen. The textures and different shades of wood gave off the best vibe. It doesn't hurt that their Cortado is one of the best I've ever had. I'm definitely going to have to go back.

     Saturday was a rough day for this mama and her toddler. Bailey was just being so defiant, and it felt like she was purposefully doing everything she wasn't supposed to do. She didn't get a good nights sleep the previous night, so it was just one of those days. Towards the end of the day, we gave up and took her to a park to turn the evening around, and it worked. We went home, and I made this hazelnut butter. Bailey finally went to sleep, and all was well.

      Sunday was the best day, thanks to the time change. I've been hating these dark early mornings, so when Bailey woke up at 5:30 (which definitely felt like 6:30), we were both chipper and awake instead of grumpy and groggy. The sun came up shortly after, and we spent the day enjoying the extra time.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Morning's at Home


     Good Morning! It's finally Saturday!! For us, this means a trip to the farmers market + a jaunt to a little fall festival on a farm this afternoon. The Roots and Blues music festival is going on this weekend in Columbia, so we are avoiding the downtown scene at all costs. Luckily, there are always activities to fill our weekends with! What does your first October weekend look like? Leave me a comment below! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

Over the Weekend


     Good morning! Another weekend in the books, and this one was the last one for the summer. I didn't even realize that until today, when I checked the calendar, but there it was, the first day of Autumn is Thursday, September 22nd! I wish I would have thought of it over the weekend though, it would've been fun to do something ceremonial for the technical end of summer. We ended up not doing much of anything, mostly because Brett was looking at cars all weekend, so that left a lot of time for me and Bailey to hang out at home. I actually got our kitchen organized, it was a productive weekend. I had a lot of shoots to do for the blog as well, so those were crossed off the list! That's what our exciting weekend looked like, I hope yours was just as fun. Thanks for reading, have a great Monday!

Over the Weekend


      Good morning! This weekend was so nice. We baked, played, hung out with old friends, and just enjoyed our time together. On Friday, the highlight was the French Toast Muffins I talked about that morning. They were too good, and the recipe is genius in my book.

     On Saturday, we got up and almost immediately walked over to the Farmer's Market. It was such a nice morning, with a fall-ish breeze, so we had to take advantage of it. I picked up a coffee from my favorite vendor and ogled at the crazy amount of produce that was available. That afternoon I took Bailey to our neighborhood park with friends and she just played and ran around for over an hour. I think she was just trying to soak up as much park time as she could while it was cool enough to be there.

      Sunday was our chill day. I worked on a few projects and just relaxed with Bailey all day. My mom has bought her a ton of books, and we went through a few that day. I love old-school children's books illustration, and Rosie's Walk combines that with my love of foxes, so it was a treat for mama too! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome Monday!

Weekly Moodboard, #25

     Hi guys! This weekend, I plan to live the simple life. Organizing the office, a spa day with Cat, and staying in my new pajama set, similar to the one below, are all on the agenda. As is taking more photos of and with Bailey. My lettering project for the week is to make a print similar to the one from Rifle Paper Co., but with the saying "maman sait mieux" (mama knows best, in French), so that will be completed this weekend. Last on the list is making mother/daughter flower crowns for an upcoming DIY post! To say I'm excited about it is the definition of an understatement. Prepare for a lot of cuteness coming your way. Have a great weekend!

Weekly Moodboard, #20

     Happy Weekend! We are busy packing to leave for Denver, CO on Monday, and I'm about to combust due to the excitement! I've been thinking a lot lately, about these moodboards, and I've decided to make them more of a reflection on my plans for the weekend and week ahead, as opposed to general inspirational images. It's more fun that way, for me at least. I like to round up my plans and ideas through images. That being said, I'll explain, each week, the meaning behind each photo. Let's get started!

1. I plan on buying a few new buddies at Ironwood in Denver!

2. Packing is the major item on the weekend to-do list.

3. ABM kills me with their DIY's, and I can't wait to do this one before we leave on Monday!

4. We are going to try Voodoo at least once, whilst in Denver.

5. This is basically outfit goals for Denver, and + one more layer, since it'll be a little chilly!

6. The mountains are calling, see you soon CO!